Funding Request Process and Policies

FOCL Funding Request Process and Policies

  1. Funding Request Process.
    • FOCL will inform Community and Boys/Girls JV through Varsity programs that FOCL is seeking requests for potential funding. Requests will be submitted on “FOCL Request for Funding Form”.
    • Request periods will be February, May, and September. However, out of cycle requests can be submitted and evaluated.
    • During all lacrosse registration period’s parents will be informed that scholarships are available for both participation fees and equipment. Requests will be submitted using “Scholarship Request Form”.
  2. General Policies.
    • FOCL will pay direct to all supported efforts. Examples:
      • FOCL will provide check directly to Community Ed or School for scholarships.
      • Equipment funding will be paid direct to vendor.
    • Board of Directors will approve all requests and approvals will be documented in minutes.
    • Organizations can request a face to face meeting in addition to submission of a “FOCL Request for Funding Form” to explain and validate merit of request.
    • FOCL will reserve and maintain at least 25% of available funding to support scholarships.
  3. FOCL process of approving requests.
    • Board of Directors will assess merit of requests to first qualify request as a valid FOCL funding opportunity:
      • Is the organization a Clarkston Lacrosse program?
      • Does it support meeting FOCL Mission?
    • Requests will be evaluated in accordance with the following criteria:
      • Scholarship requests are satisfied first up to 25% of available funds
      • Requests are evaluated to assess magnitude of request vs. budget
      • Does request increase participation?
      • Does request increase margin of excellence?
    • Final step in funding process will be an assessment of percentage of funding allocation versus the respective programs striving to maintain good balance between FOCL funding of each program.