Donations to F.O.C.L. enable our organization to help establish and maintain a quality lacrosse program that helps develop not only great athletes, but also strong connected members of our Clarkston community.

How You Can Help

There are many ways you can contribute to this growing program.

Discover what Lacrosse is All About…..Cheer on Our Teams!
The Clarkston High School Girls and Boys Lacrosse Teams (grades 9-12) begin mid-March and end the first week of June. Learn about the game and support our teams. To view this year’s schedule for dates, locations and times, go to the Clarkston Lacrosse website. GO WOLVES!

The younger-aged programs (grades 2-8) are sponsored by Clarkston Community Schools Youth Enrichment. For more information and to find out when they play, call Clarkston Community Education at 248-623-4327.

Make a Donation

You can participate or volunteer in our many scheduled events; or make a donation to our program. For more information, contact Rick Hodges at